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Charleston SC Inshore Fishing Reports


Shallow Thoughts inshore fishing charters report for January 2015. The sea trout bite has been on fire!! they are mainly biting on live bait, but we have been catching them on plastics too. Redfish are schooled up real good and are providing some excellent sight fishing opportunities using bait, plastics, and on the fly!..winter rates for 2 anglers is $350.00 for a half day. call me or text me at 843.509.4751 for more info, or to book a fishing charter..

Shallow Thoughts inshore fishing charters report for November and forecast for December 2014. We have been currently hammering the sea trout! The bite has been excellent. We have been catching them using artificial bait. The redfish are also schooled up really good and are eating live bait as well as artificial bait. Book now, 843.509.4751, and let's go hammer em!!!
Shallow Thoughts Inshore fishing charters report for august 2014 and forecast for September 2014. The fishing in August continues to be very good despite the hot temperatures. we are still catching redfish, sea trout, flounder, big bull red drum, and everybody's favorite, MONSTER Sharks weighing up to 250lbs inshore. The fishing in September will continue to be good. you can expect to catch redfish, trout, sharks, flounder and a variety of other species. Looking ahead a few months. October-November 2014, should offer the best opportunity to catch Big trout, and Lots of redfish! Book early, as some of the good tides in October are already booked. Also in October some of the best tailing tides occur this month. Redfish on the fly! Call ahead to reserve early!

Shallow Thoughts Inshore Fishing Charters report for July 2014. The weather has been HOT!! and so has the fishing! you name it, redfish, trout, sharks of all sizes including some in the 200lb range are being caught. Big bull reds, sharks behind shrimp boats, and Spanish mackerel are here and ready to be caught! Live bait has been the good inshore in the creeks to catch redfish, trout, etc. Now is the time to catch trophy Bull Redfish, and Monster SHARKS! Call today to book a fishing trip 843.509.4751

Shallow Thoughts Inshore Fishing Charters June 2014 fishing report and forecast for inshore fishing charters in Charleston SC. As of June 2, 2014 the fishing in Charleston, SC has turned on! We are catching lots of sea trout, redfish, flounder, HUGE sharks, and monster Bull Redfish!! You can expect this trend to stay the same through out the month of june. Other species such as Spanish mackerel, bluefish, ladyfish, and black drum are also being caught. If you plan to fish this month with me, please book your trip early so you get the BEST TIDE for the species you would like to target!! If you plan on fly fishing with me for tailing redfish, call me for availability and tides. 843.509.4751

Shallow Thoughts inshore fishing charters May 2014 forecast for inshore fishing in Charleston SC. During the month of May, you van expect to catch lots of redfish, sea trout, bluefish, flounder, and sharks! We are continuing to use live shrimp on the flats as well as around structure to catch fish. When the fish get finicky we switch to chunks of blue crab to get them to bite. Early mornings, we are throwing top water plugs to catch trout. By mid may we should start catching some of the big bull red drum in deeper water. On the fly rod, we have been catching some bluefish, redfish, and trout using clousers, and some top water flies. Come get a rod bent this month! call 843.509.4751 for reservations!

Thoughts, April 15, 2014 Inshore fishing charter report for Charleston,SC..With bait starting to show up in the creeks, the fishing is getting real GOOD! Recently redfish have been eating more consistently and the trout are starting to show up in their normal haunts. Live shrimp and menhaden have been working very well under a cork. During the month of May, look for some sharks to start showing up along with some of the big bull reds around the beaches. Redfish and sea trout will also start to bite should be on fire in May! To get the best tides to catch fish and reserve a fishing trip call me at 843.509.4751

March 24, 2014..The inshore fishing in Charleston SC is starting to heat back up! The weather is starting to warm up, and the water temps are starting to rise. Saturday we had a stellar day catching lots of redfish from 3-9lbs on live bait. As the weather continues to warm up you can expect the fish to keep on biting. Sea trout are starting to bite also! April is approaching fast so get your fishing charter in Charleston SC reserved ASAP! Call me at 843.509.4751

March 2014, inshore fishing report. To say the least, the weather has been up and down the past few months. One day the reds are eating nonstop, and the next change in weather brings lock jaw! With warmer temperatures arriving, the bite will definitely become more consistent. With April approaching fast, you can expect the sea trout bite to come to life! We will be using live bait and artificial lures to catch these big trout. Make your reservations today, and lets go "wear the fish out!"

January 2014 fishing report..Despite the up and down weather the fishing has been good. One day its 30 degrees and the next day its in the 60's. When we get the nice days to fish the trout and the redfish have been eating pretty good. We have been using a variety of grubs and some live bait to catch trout. The grubs have been outfishing the live bait lately. With the redfish we have been using cut bait to catch them. The water on the flats is crystal clear and the fish have been easy to catch for the most part.. If you want to do some sight fishing, now is the time!! Throw the flyrod or artificial, and watch them eat. Winter rates are now $300.00 for a half-day of fishing for 2 people. book a trip today!!

December 2013 fishing report..The fishing has been on fire! We are having an excellent Sea Trout season! They are biting artificial baits, and we are having 40-50 fish days! The redfish are also schooled up on the flats and they are hungry! We are catching lots of redfish anywhere from 4-10lbs. The fishing should remain the same through January 2014. For a daily fishing report or to book a fishing charter call me or text me at 843.509.4751.

August 28,2013..Its been a busy summer and the fishing has been GREAT! Good catches of sea trout, redfish, and very big sharks. For Reds we have been using a blue crab and live shrimp, and for sea trout we have been using live shrimp, and an artificial shrimp called Vudu shrimp. The shark fishing off of the beaches has been excellent! we are catching sharks in the 100-150lb range. Lots of fight and lots of muscle. Come tangle with one of these fish, and you have done something! With the summer almost over, I look forward towards the fall when the fishing will be excellent and the weather wont be so hot! If you plan on fishing in October (prime month to fish for sea trout and redfish) be sure to book early. i'm starting to fill some days now for that month. Catch em up!!

June 9, 2013. The Inshore Fishing in Charleston SC is on fire!  The fish are biting and you need to get on the boat today!  We are catching sea trout, redfish, black drum, HUGE sharks, and Bluefish.  Days in June are booking fast, but theres still room for you.  Call me ASAP to get a day reserved at 843.509.4751.  Remember, don't get undersold by Inexperience, Always hire experienced FULL-TIME fishing guides!


May 2013, the inshore fishing in Charleston SC is starting to get real good. FINALLY we are catching some big trout in good numbers. BIG sharks are starting to show up along the beaches, as well as the bull reds. Bluefish are here now, some flounder are being caught and gigged also. Redfish are biting well also. Most of the fish have been caught using live shrimp, with and assortment of top water lures. Book early and lets go catch some fish!!

March 2013, This is the mid March fishing report. The redfishing continues to be pretty good. The huge schools over the winter are now starting to break up, but the bite has still been pretty good. Crab, chunk mullet, and mud minnows have all produced reds. The trout fishing is starting to heat up. On a recent trip over 20 trout were caught and released using artificial shrimp. The sizes were mixed and the bite was very good. Be sure to take advantage of the spring special this year. Im offering and extra hour of fishing if you book a 1-2 man trip on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday during the month of April 2013. Book today by calling me at 843.509.4751

January 2013, This is the Inshore fishing report for Charleston, SC. Recently the fishing has been pretty good despite the ever changing weather conditions here in Charleston, SC. The redfish are in huge schools and we are catching redfish using cut mullet, crab, and a variety of artificials and flies. Very slow presentations have been the key to getting a bite. Lately the trout fishing has been very slow. The good news is that this spring should be a banner year for catching sea trout here in charleston. The water is very clear and the sight fishing is at its best right now. The Southeastern Wildlife Expo will be here in a few weeks, so while your down, take advantage of my winter rates and fish a half day with me while your down for the expo. Fly fishing or light tackle spinning gear, i got you covered.

July 2012, This is the Charleston SC Inshore fishing Charters report for July 2012. The Fishing this month has been on fire. From the redfish and trout inshore, to the big breeder Red Drum, Big Black Drum, and some very big Sharks along the beaches..they are biting! The inshore bite continues to be pretty good despite the heat. As long as we plan the trips around the tide, the fishing has been good. Live finger mullet, live shrimp, mud minnows, and blue crabs have all produced well. In the harbor spanish macks, and bluefish have invaded the harbor and are lots of fun to catch, using spoons. Tarpon have been seen, and a few caught, but i havent targeted the silver king yet. They are here and its time to get em. The fishing for july and august should continue to be on fire. To book a trip today, please call me at 843.509.4751.

APRIL 22, 2012 The fishing in April 2012 has finally been consistent. In the last 2 weeks, clients have finally caught big speckled trout from 2-4 pounds using DOA shrimp, and live shrimp. The Redfishing inshore has been productive using live shrimp also. Other species that are biting inshore are bluefish, spanish macks, flounder and sheepshead. On the beach front, we have caught the huge red drum in the 30 pound class using cut bait, and we have also been catching sharks now. The month of may is booking up, so if May 2012 is when you want to come and fish, you had better book your trip today! 843.509.4751. be sure to check out the blog site for recent pictures at www.scfishingcharters.com. see you on the water!!

3/30/2012-March is finally gone! The fishing last month has been great, good, decent, windy, and tough! I fished all types of weather patterns and had different results on every trip. With April upon us now, the fish have been breaking up out of their winter pattern with the warming of the water temps. Patterns are changing quickly and my approach to catching will change along with it. Now I will start using live shrimp, live mullet, live menhaden, and crab. I will start fishing structure, along with the flats. This month the trout fishing should be great, along with the redfish. Our inshore sharks should start to show up this month, with some being already caught south of charleston. Topwater plugs should prove deadly this month also for big Speckled Trout. For more info give me a call at 843.509.4751...AND be sure to check out my blog site at www.scfishingcharters.com

March 2012, the Redfishing has been pretty good. The inconsistent weather has made some days tough, but we are still catching redfish. We are starting to catch some speckled trout and i expect that this spring should be pretty good! Also, we are catching sheepshead around bridge and dock pilings using fiddler crabs. March is booking up fast, and with April approaching, if you want to book a trip, you should do it now. For a daily Charleston Inshore fishing report call me at 843.509.4751 or text me, or email me at jfish2live@yahoo.com

Jan,2012!!Cant believe that i havent posted a report for 2011. The best way to get an updated report on whats biting inshore in charleston, sc is to call me at 843-509-471. So right now the redfishing is on FIRE. mullet and artificials are the way to catch them now,and until the end of march. The redfish are in schools ranging from 100-300 fish in a school. As of today, the tide doesnt seem to affect the bite, but if you want to see the schools in action youve got to fish around low water. This year be sure to book early, days in march are already starting to fill up. This year ive also added another boat, a 17ft action craft, carbon kevlar, flats boat to my arsenal. Its a flyfishing machine. see ya soon..capt. jeremy 843.509.4751..

November 2010...the first 2 weeks of November have passed and the speckled trout bite is on FIRE..The trout are eating artificials, and live bait like crazy..lots of keeper trout being caught right now..even had a cuople of 3-lbers caught yesterday on the charter..remember, 14 inch minimum and 10 fish bag limit..book now and lets go catch em up!!

October and November 2010 fishing forecast...the month of october has started out pretty good. We are starting to catch alot more keeper trout using finger mullet, live shrimp and topwater plugs. The redfish bite has been excellent also using the same baits. As the water temp begins to drop, i look for the fall Trout bite to heat up. Your best bet will be mid october to the end of december with the bite, being the best in November. Dont miss out this year on the bite. In november i will transition from live bait to artificials for speckled sea trout..Also, in november if you would like to catch sea trout on the fly rod, this would be the time..the remainder of october, i will continue to fish for redfish and trout and if requested sheepshead..call today to book a charter..843.509.4751

September 2010...the first two weeks in september have been pretty good. We have been fishing alot of outgoing water and doing well with redfish and trout. We are also still catching flounder, bluefish, and ladyfish. Live shrimp have still been the bait of choice under corks. The Early morning topwater bite has been good also. We have been catching trout and redfish using spook jrs. During the Flood tides this week, I have seen alot of tailing redfish in the flats. This is a great opportunity to wade the flats and use the flyrod to catch your first redfish on the fly!

August 2010..The first week in august has been fantastic. Along the jetties we are catching huge red drum using crab, and menhaden. If you have never caught a huge red drum now is the time! Inshore, trout, redfish, and flounder are being caught now using live shrimp and mud minnows. The bite has been good despite the hot days. The new t-top on the boat its a great way to stay cool while fishing. The shark bite is "out of control"! Bonnethead sharks are eating!!Early morning low water has been providing us with some great topwater action. Redfish have been the primary target along with trout.

July 2010 fishing report and forecast..the fishing has been on fire! We are catching lots of red drum around structure using shrimp and cut bait. clients are getting limits with ease. The trout fishing has been real good. We are getting a mixed bag of sizes, but we are catching anywhere from 20 to 30 trout in a trip using live shrimp. The sharks are out in there normal haunts, the harbor, the beaches, the inlets, etc. Black tips, sandsharks, bonnetheads, and fine tooth are all being caught now using menhaden and crab. I have had several trips now for the big reddrum out at the jetties, and the the bite has been good. If you have never caught one of these 30lb monster fish, you need to come get some!!..You can expect the fishing to continue to be good into August. Its gonna be hot but with the addition of my new T-Top on my boat, it will provide some relief from the sun..The tarpon are here along the coast now and i have a tarpon trip scheduled for the 21st of july, so i will keep you posted..give me a call for a daily fishing report at 843.509.4751

June 08...the month of june we caught big redfish using cut mullet, chunk crab and menhaden. The red drum that we caught weighed anywhere form 15lbs to 40lbs. If you happen to catch any of these big reds be sure to "vent" the fish if necessary to revive it. Alot of the fishing we did was out at the jetties. We also used crab and cut bait closer inshore to catch big numbers of bonnethead sharks and other larger sharks. Out at the reefs we were using jellystrips to catch the spadefish and cut bait for the sea bass.

July 08...This month it was much of the same type of fishing as the month of june. If you can find the bait in the morning your gonna be in for some good action. HUGE redrum, and Sharks have been the quarry for alot of the first timers this month. In the creeks, we have been using mud minnows and some artificials to catch the redfish,trout in creeks and around docks. The night fishing has been pretty good. We have caught lots of trout under the lights as well as some big reds. Lots of fish biting and not enought time to catch them all.

August and Sept 08..Pretty much the same at the jetties and inshore..The tarpon are here and scattered along the charleston coast. Use big live mullet under floats and dead baits on the bottom and you may catch one..On the flats on the flood tides, while wading the flats the redfish have been tailing real good. This would be a good time to try and get one on the fly rod.In sept, this is an excellent month to catch the redfish of a lifetime if you have never done so..We have caught alot of Huge red drum and black drum this month..Chunk crab being the bait of choice.

Oct 08..heres where my reports are going to be very current. i will update the reports page every week. From Sept 28-oct 4, 2008 heres what were catching.. we are using live shrimp under cajun thunder corks to catch sea trout in the creeks. focusing on points and submerged oyster beds. during the low tide, we are doing some fishing for redfish around docks and oysterbeds. We are also catching sheepshead, flounder, and black drum. during this month the trout bite should be realy good. Its not uncommon for us to catch 20-30 trout. its a great time of the year to fish..cool weather, lots of bait, and lots of inshore fish to be caught...for more info call me at 843.509.4751


May 2009....been using live peanut menhaden to catch big trout under corks. Aeverage trout size was around 2lbs with some around 4lbs. also been catching redfish in the creeks using the same bait. Also using topwater baits for trout early in the morning and late in the afternoon..


June 2009...the fishing has been the same inshore but now you can add a pretty consistent shark bite now..The big reddrum out at the jetties are biting pretty good. The sheepshead are biting real good at the jetties and the bridges inshore using fiddler crabs. The bonnethead sharks are chewing on the crab, and the trout are still eating topwater baits early in the morning and the last hour before it gets dark..


July09-August 5,2009.....The fishing has been pretty good despite the hot days. Out at the jetties the sheepshead bite has pretty decent with some sheepshead topping 10lbs. The big breeder red drum at the jetties is also doing pretty good, using crab for bait..The sharks are still biting! ive have been fishing inshore alot lately and the bite is very consistent right now. we are catching lots of slot redfish in the 20-23 inche range and a few in the 35 inch range, with lots of puppy drum mixed in. The trout are also biting and their size range is anywhere from dinks to 2lbs...Sept is right around the corner and i cant wait for it to cool down a little bit..Dont forget that the next 3 months sept, oct, and nov the trout fishing is going to be red hot!!We have also been catching some flounder dragging mud minnows on jig heads on the bottom..


August 6,2009-Sept 2,2009...the fishing has been red hot! From topwater trout in the early morning, to huge redfish at the jetties everything is in full swing. Alot of my trips the past month have been inshore trips in the creeks fishing for redfish, trout, flounder, and sheepshead. Live shrimp has been the bait of choice. for the trout ive been using the cajun thunder corks rigged with live shrimp, on moving tides, with the focus on creek mouths and oyster mounds. On the ebb, we have have been focusing on structure. Structure gives these redfish something to relate to when they cant be tucked up tight in the grass. 1/4 oz jig heads tipped with live shrimp,fished around structure has been very productive lately. The sheepshead are still at the jetties, and bridge pilings inshore. last but not least, the bonnethead sharks are biting like crazy!!...on a side note, october will be here soon, and the trout fishing will be on fire. dont miss out, book your trip early. call me 843-509-4751


October 2009....the fishing is fantastic right now! lots of catches of speckled sea trout, and redfish..Lately, we have been catching both on live shrimp under corks, and on jigheads..current water temp is still fluctuating in the lower 70's...the early morning topwater bite is still pretty awsome, with lots of big trout, and redfish being caught. The fishing only gets better from here to the end of the year..give me a call at 843.509.4751..excellent sightfishing opportunities will be upon us soon, give me a call..


November,and December 2009....the redfish and trout bite have been on fire..We are catching trout using DOA shrimp, freelined and under corks. As for the redfish we are using live shrimp and catching them nonstop..redfish are in small schools and are alot of fun sightfishing..The sheepshead are biting real good now also..I predict january will produce much of the same results. I have been fishing every other day, to stay on the trout so if you are looking to get on the water and catch em, give me a call at 843.509.4751.


January 2010...Happy New Year!!..the fishing in january should continue to be pretty good using the artificials, and cut bait when needed..With the holidays over with, its back to basics when fishing this time of year. Presentations are slow, the weather is nice, and the fish are biting. Redfish and Speckled Trout will be the primary targets along with the sheepshead. If you are looking to sharpen your skills using artificial baits, this is a good time to do so. Take advantage of this time of the year and go catch em up!!


FEB.2010...we are using cut mullet,crab, and gulp baits to fish for redfish. To catch speckled sea trout we are using DOA shrimp in various colors. The retrieve and presentation is slooow, but when you get on the trout the action is good. we are catching good numbers of trout 20-30 in a trip. Spring is approaching, so the days are starting to fill up..If you plan on fishing with me in march reserve your trip now and dont get left on the dock..call me 843.509.4751